3 Best Hondas to Take on a Road Trip

July 7th, 2016 by

Due to the warm temperatures that make snow out of the question, summer is an ideal time to take the family car out on a purposeful trip that lets you explore stretches of open road in style and comfort. There are numerous vehicles in the Honda family, but some of them are particularly well suited for long-distance travel.

Honda Accord Hybrid
The Honda Accord Hybrid seats up to five people, plus has plenty of cargo room to fit luggage, sports equipment, and shopping bags. It also comes with a dual-zone climate control system, so no matter how hot or cold it is outside, the driver and passengers ride in comfort.

This car boasts excellent engineering, too. Specifically, it’s fitted with the first hybrid dual motor of its type in the industry. The internal mechanics have one engine that allows the car to smoothly and quickly accelerate from a complete stop, while the other one is responsible for starting the car and charging the first engine. Because the battery pack on this hybrid car is smaller than you might expect, it doesn’t compromise trunk space. That’s good news if you prefer to avoid traveling light on your summertime road trips.

Honda Odyssey
This streamlined yet spacious minivan lets you enjoy a modern ride. Offering seating for eight people, the van has built-in car seat anchors, which are handy for when your road trip participants include kids who are too young to use the vehicle’s standard seats.

You can also get an available DVD entertainment system with extra-wide screens when choosing your Honda Odyssey’s features. Now, you won’t have to deal with an endless chorus of “are we there yet?” after kids get impatient because you’re still en route to a destination. The Odyssey also works with Bluetooth gadgets and can receive satellite radio. Whether you want to occupy the kids with a favorite film or make time in the car pass more quickly for yourself by listening to a beloved talk show radio host, it’s easy to do those things and more.

Honda Pilot
Built with today’s families in mind, the Honda Pilot is an appealing SUV that fits a driver and up to seven passengers. You can also purchase it with the HondaSensing suite of features that alert you to potentially dangerous situations you might not otherwise notice. Besides offering audible and visual warnings, some of these features even apply the Pilot’s brakes automatically to help you avoid wrecks. Another one of those features depends on a tiny camera that can detect road markings and warn you if it seems like the vehicle’s about to stray from your lane.

The Pilot has adaptive cruise control, too. This feature allows you to select amount of space between yourself and vehicles in front of you, then maintain it along the highway without having to manipulate the car physically to change your speed.

These are just three of the many vehicles in Honda’s inventory that could help you have the most enjoyable road trips ever. Plan to schedule your test drive and anticipate owning one of them soon.

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