From scenic views to delicious cuisines, Roanoke Rapids is filled with activities that will make you want to live here. The delicious meals prepared by the friendly locals is perfect for making you feel at home. Whether you’re on a visit or you live in this region, here are five children-friendly restaurants you can visit with your family.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen
Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is an all-American restaurant in Roanoke Rapids, founded in 1979 by Aubrey Goods and Doug Rogers and located at 4814 Valley View Blvd NW. With a variety of made-from-scratch dishes and a kid-friendly menu, it remains one of the best restaurants in and around Roanoke Rapids for families with kids.

Their kids menu includes grilled cheese, junior burgers, grilled chicken, mac and cheese, penne pasta marinara, and other delicious children’s meals. Whether you’re visiting Roanoke Rapids or you’re just passing through, visit Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and have a taste of a real meal!

Shakers Good Food and Drink
Just down the road at 1909 Valley View Blvd NW, Shakers Good Food and Drink remains the best casually elegant American restaurant in Roanoke Rapids. Founded in 1986, the restaurant takes pride in their genuine made-from-scratch recipes and vegan and gluten-free dishes, along with various toddler-friendly meals.

The restaurant offers different childrens’ meals like grilled chicken and cheese, baby back ribs, and mac and cheese, among others. If you’re celebrating a significant event or you just want to enjoy a home-cooked meal with your kids, the restaurant has all you need to experience a memorable meal.

Carlos Brazilian International Cuisine
Carlos Brazilian International Cuisine is a family-owned business located at 4167 Electric Road. They offer genuine Brazilian and international culinary dishes to guests of any age. Enjoy a variety of international dishes in a premium fashionable quarter with outdoor settings.

On the menu at this restaurant, you can try out different international meals such as steamed lobster, pollo latino, grilled salmon, and so on. They also offer children-friendly meals such as chicken nuggets and fries, pasta alfredo, pasta with marinara sauce, and macaroni and cheese. When you want to have a memorable meal with your kids, visit Carlos Brazilian International Cuisine.

Viet Sub
Located on 1403 Williamson Road NE, Roanoke Rapids has another international restaurant that offers authentic Vietnamese meals. Viet Sub has become the favorite restaurant of both visitors and locals because of the delicious and genuine international meals offered. Apart from the delicious food, the staff is friendly and patient and are always ready to satisfy their guests.

This beautiful setting along Williamson Road offers family-friendly Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, barbeque pork sandwiches, homemade spring rolls, pho soup, roasted chicken, meatballs, and vermicelli alongside many other delicious meals.

David’s Restaurant
Take a scenic drive to 1011 Roanoke Avenue and enjoy a memorable meal at David’s Restaurant. With beautifully decorated rustic lodges, this establishment offers you and your family the princely treat you deserve. Their menu includes grilled chicken, fried oyster on fresh greens, shrimp cocktail, soft shell crab, grilled salmon, and many other choices.

Whether your toddler is an adventurous eater or as picky as they come, you’re sure to find something for them at one of these great restaurants.