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    5 Essential Tools to Place in your Car’s Emergency Kit Before Snow Fall

    Winter is here again. Apart from making driving difficult and dangerous, this cold season can turn a normal car breakdown into a life-threatening situation. Preparing your vehicle for the cold weather could help reduce the risk of running into problems. So, whether you’re visiting Grandma or on a long distance trip to another part of the country, it’s important to prepare your vehicle for this season. Below are five essential tools that should be in your car’s emergency kit during this period.

    1. Ice Scraper and Snowbrush
    Every car should have a snowbrush and an ice scraper during winter because it could save lives. During the cold season, a brief flurry could leave a few inches of snow on your vehicle. With the ice scraper and the snow brush, you could easily clean it off your vehicle and reduce the risk of accident due to poor visibility caused by the snow. So, as soon as winter hits, put this tool in your car trunk.

    2. First Aid Kits
    While it’s good to have a first-aid kit in your vehicle all year round, it’s also very crucial to make it a priority during winter. After all, research has shown that it’s easy to run into problems during this season. For example, the icy roads may reduce your vehicle’s traction and cause it to slip off the road into a ditch, which can incapacitate your vehicle and leave you and your passengers with injuries. With first aid kits, you can tend to injuries before help arrives.

    3. Emergency Flares and Reflectors
    Slippery roads and reduced visibility make driving difficult and dangerous during the winter period. This means that vehicles are prone to running into problems, so it’s crucial to include tools in your winter survival kit that can help warn other road users of the dangers ahead. If you’re preparing for a road trip during the cold months, never forget to include emergency flares and reflector in your emergency kits.

    4. Car Tool Kit
    Although it’s necessary to always include some basic tools in your vehicle, you don’t have to carry a whole workshop with you. Basic tools like screwdrivers, a hammer, a jack, and a wheel wrench don’t take up much space and are often enough to fix simple mechanical faults with your car.

    On the other hand, never forget to take a battery booster or jumper cable with you. This tool can help charge and revive a dead battery. You won’t want to be stranded with a dead battery on a less trodden road. Moreover, your tools can be of help to a stranger who is having a rough day.

    5. A Flashlight
    A flashlight serves the same purpose as the flares and reflector. If you’re stalled at the side of the slippery road at night, it can be used to check what’s wrong with the vehicle. It can also be used to seek help and warn other drivers of your location and other dangers.

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    5 Essential Tools to Place in your Car’s Emergency Kit Before Snow Fall - Honda of Roanoke Rapids

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