Car Care Cleaning Tips for Your Honda

April 7th, 2016 by

Try as we might to keep them clean, our cars tend to get dirty quickly. Many drivers and passengers eat while on the road, leading to spills or the accumulation of trash. Even if you have a strict no-food policy in your Honda, muddy shoes can track dirt inside, or you may notice a buildup of dirt and dead bugs on the exterior.

The windshield allows visual access to see the road ahead, but this expansive window also tends to get dirty fast. A rainstorm following a dry spell in your area can also lead to a big mess, or maybe you just parked your car beneath a tree where birds left droppings behind. Use a windshield cleaning product formulated for use on the car, since indoor cleaning products often contain ammonia that can change the color of your tint over time. If you are in a pinch, you can even use Coke, since the fizz and bubbles will dissolve the built-up grime. Just make sure to clean the soda off thoroughly, or the sticky surface will attract more dirt.

Dashboard and Interior
Take a closer look at the interior surfaces of your Honda. In many vehicles, these areas attract dust, leaving behind a layer that can cause allergies and irritation. Use a soft microfiber cloth or mitt to clean them frequently. You can even keep a package of baby wipes in the glove box and use those to wipe surfaces. These are especially helpful when cleaning up sticky messes or food spills. If you have leather seats, pick up a container of leather wipes to help condition and nourish the material.

Wash the Exterior
One of the best ways to protect the finish and preserve the exterior of your Honda is to wash it regularly. When you first purchase the vehicle, it includes a protective coating that limits exposure to debris. If you have bird poop, sap, or dead bugs on the paint, these substances eat away at the sealant, leaving the paint exposed. With regular washes, you can keep the exterior in good condition. At least once every few months, follow up the wash with a wax treatment to further protect your paint job.

Rust is detrimental to vehicles, but is an unfortunate reality for many people who live in areas where cold, snowy climates are the norm during the winter. Rust-proofing is a great way to protect your investment from this problem, and typically only has to be done once. If you aren’t looking for this type of service, just keep your car as clean as possible during the winter. Salt used to melt ice on the roads gets kicked up onto the exterior, which can lead to rust even faster. When you go through the car wash, spring for the upgraded wash that thoroughly washes and rinses the undercarriage, where rust tends to hide.

With a few simple tasks, you can protect your Honda ride by keeping it clean both inside and out.

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