How to Connect an iPhone 6 to a 2016 Honda CR-V

June 1st, 2016 by

If you have a 2016 Honda CR-V in your driveway and an iPhone 6 in your hand, congratulations! Your new vehicle has several features that can be accessed by pairing your iPhone with your CR-V’s Bluetooth or Display Audio system.

LX and SE Trims

The two lowest CR-V trims include Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and Streaming Audio. To pair your iPhone 6 via Bluetooth, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth in your phone is enabled and in discoverable mode.
  2. Press the “PHONE” button on your Honda’s radio unit. When the hands-free system asks if you would like to pair a new phone, select “YES” and then “OK.”
  3. Wait for the system to search for nearby Bluetooth devices, then select your iPhone 6 from the list.
  4. Either a) your phone will ask for a passcode or b) your phone will display a passcode. You should then a) type the six-digit passcode provided by the hands-free system or b) verify that the number on your phone matches the number on the system and press the confirmation button.
  5. Once the system has been paired with your phone, the system will provide confirmation. You should then check your phone for any pop-up messages and check the box to allow access if asked.

In the event that your phone is not found during the initial scan by the hands-free system, you may need to initiate the process from your phone instead. On your iPhone 6, open the “Settings” app and select “Bluetooth.” Make sure the Bluetooth has been enabled by tapping the slider into the “on” position. Your phone will then scan for compatible devices. When your Honda HR-V shows up on the list, tap its name and follow the pass-code verification process outlined in step 4 above.

EX, EX-L, and Touring Trims

In addition to the two Bluetooth features, the three higher CR-V trims support the HondaLink Next Generation software. To fully access these features, you will need the Honda iOS cable kit, which includes an HDMI, USB, and Lightning adapter cable.

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth in your phone is enabled and in discover-able mode.
  2. Start your car and wait for the Display Audio screen to turn on. Then select “Settings” > “Phone” > “Bluetooth Device List” > “Add Bluetooth Device.”
  3. A reminder to enable Bluetooth on your smartphone will pop up. Select “Continue.”
  4. Select your phone’s name from the list of Bluetooth devices.
  5. When the pairing request notification appears on your iPhone, press “Pair.”
  6. Connect your iPhone to your Honda CR-V using the cable kit and the HDMI and USB ports below the Display Audio panel. Plug the HDMI and USB cords into the appropriate ports and into the Lightning adapter cable, then connect the latter to your iPhone.
  7. Press “Allow” on your iPhone.

Now that your iPhone 6 has been paired with your Honda CR-V, you can download the HondaLink apps to your iPhone and begin using the HondaLink services through your Display Audio system.

Don’t stop here, though! Your CR-V has plenty of other noteworthy features just waiting to be used, and Honda has plenty of online videos and local dealerships to show you how.

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