NC State Inspection in Roanoke Rapids, NC

It is one of the yearly responsibilities of being a car owner – the State Inspection. You might see it as an inconvenience, but do you really know why State Inspections are a yearly requirement? State Inspections are a valuable tool in ensuring all vehicle systems operate safely and that a vehicle’s emission system effectively reduces ozone emissions. All cars less than 35 years old are required to pass the State inspection in North Carolina. Read on to learn more about the inspection.

Find an Inspection Station

To have your inspection performed, you will want to take your car to a Certified Inspection Station. These stations are certified by the State as qualified to perform, examine, and pass your car for the North Carolina State Inspection. Schedule a service appointment today with Honda of Roanoke Rapids in Roanoke Rapids, NC.

The Inspections

The State Inspection is a two-part process. The first part is the vehicle safety inspection. This inspection reviews all safety systems in your car and ensures that they are operating effectively. Your car’s headlights, accessory lights, turn signals, foot brake, parking brake, steering, and windshield wipers will be checked during this inspection. No safety inspection is required for cars 35 years or older.

The second part is the vehicle emissions inspection. Your car must pass an emissions inspection if you live in one of these 48 counties. This test ensures your car is successfully reducing the amount of ozone-forming emissions that are being released into the atmosphere. Service technicians will use your car’s computerized on-board diagnostic system to ensure that the emissions system is in proper working order. Cars meeting the following criteria do not require an On-Board Diagnostic emissions inspection: model year 1995 or older, diesel operated vehicles, and vehicles licensed under the farmer rate.

Pay Your Fees

Whether your car passes or fails inspection, it is time to pay your fees! For acceptable forms of payment at your location, please contact your inspection station before arrival. State Inspection fees are set by the State so all inspection stations should be the same. The Safety Inspection fee is $13.60, and the On-Board Diagnostic Emissions Inspection fee, which includes the Safety Inspection fee is $30.00.

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