The Top 7 Popular Honda Aftermarket Accessories

April 19th, 2018 by

Customize your ride with awesome aftermarket accessories. Check out these top Honda accessories that will make people look twice when you drive by.

Moonroof Visor
The available moonroof visor not only looks good, it’s functional, too. The visor reduces wind noise and the glare of the sun. Even in bad weather, the visor allows you to open the moonroof slightly. The visor is tinted, sleek, and durable.

Underbody Spoilers
The underbody spoilers will take your Honda to a new level. Sporty, yet understated, the spoilers are meant to accentuate the car’s aerodynamic features. Spoilers come in factory colors to match your exterior paint. If you’re going for a custom look, adding spoilers may be just the thing you need.

Fog Lights
Fog lights are excellent for driving in hazy conditions. Regular headlights can cause glare, but fog lights are engineered to cut through dense fog. With snow and heavy rain, visibility can be low; fog lights can reveal obscure obstacles in the road like branches, debris, or animals to help you avoid an accident.

Car Cover
Getting sap, pollen, dust, or even worse, debris on your car is the worst. A car cover will keep the exterior of your precious Honda clean. Honda’s car cover is non-abrasive, breathable, and water-resistant. It’s even custom-fit to your car to ensure a secure placement.

Wireless Phone Charger
We’ve waited years for a wireless phone charging solution and now we even have one when we travel. There’s no need to fuss with annoying USB cords or the cigarette lighter to charge up. Just set your compatible smartphone on top, and let the charging begin.

All Season Floor Mats
Protect your interior with all season floor mats, it’s worth the investment. You can hop in with wet or muddy boots, pets, or dirty gear with peace of mind knowing that all it will take to clean is a little soap and water. Forget shampooing carpets. Who has time for that? Invest in the cleanliness of your Honda and buy floor mats. You and your passengers will be glad.

Interior Illumination
One accessory to deck out your Honda is interior lighting. You can add blue LED soft light to the center console and driver and passenger foot wells or add an illuminated model logo on the door sill trim.

There’s nothing like turning heads as you cruise down the road in your cool Honda. Use this accessories guide to select your own Honda model and see what accessories are available. Adding aftermarket accessories like lighting or functional ones like floor mats will make sure that you enjoy your ride that much more.

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